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Migraines - Shoulder Pain - Low Back & Leg Pain

To new patients of Dr. Jamey,

"When my sister recommended that I come see Dr. Jamey, I was suffering from 2-3 migraines per week, right shoulder pain that made my right arm painful to use and low back pain that went into my left sciatica, which created spasms between my left knee and ankle throughout the night to the point that I could not go to sleep. Dr. Jamey took x-rays and took the time to explain to me why I was having the pain and why it was not going to take one or two visits to do a quick fix. As time progressed, the pain in my leg and shoulder are gone. I still have a headache every month or two, but nothing like before. Dr. Jamey doesn’t hurt me like other chiropractors did. He doesn’t force the realignment like they did. I trust him and know that he has done more for me than any other doctor has. Thank you for medication-free pain relief."

- Susan G.

Headaches - Back & Neck Pain

Dr. Jamey,

"When I came to you after my accident, I had severe back and neck problems. I was having trouble walking. The doctor I had said I would probably be using a walker within six months. He had me on pain killers and muscle relaxers…Since coming to you, the pain is not so bad.

  • The headaches are gone.
  • I don’t use a walker or cane.
  • The pain pills are gone.

When anyone who knows me asks how I’m doing, I tell them that because of you, I can walk. I can’t sing your praises loud enough. God bless you for giving me my life back. Thank you so much!"

- Beth H.

Baby Acid Reflux - Sleeping Issues

"I have been doing chiropractic care for years but never thought about bringing my son until talking to a friend. My son just turned 1! He has had persistent/intermediate acid reflux since he was born. My husband and I chose not to use medication thinking that it would go away, but it didn’t. Also, he has never slept through the night… ever… for a year! The sleep issues have been rough to say the least. Since bringing my son to Dr. Jamey, there has been a DRASTIC improvement! First, I never knew or thought of his sleep patterns being something to do with chiropractic care. We have been seen 3 times, and he has been sleeping though the night since his second adjustment! For the past 3 weeks, I have gotten a full night of sleep- NO interruptions!! Incredible!!!! Oh yeah, his acid reflux is gone too! Dr. Jamey is wonderful. I have been to several doctors but can honestly say that he has helped me the most. To top it off, he is beyond wonderful in handling my son. I feel completely comfortable with him adjusting the most precious person in my life! And I am finally getting sleep!! Wonder, wonderful sleep! What could be better?"

- Stephanie C.

Leg Numbness - Back Pain

"Leg numbness, constant back pain and headaches brought me to seek chiropractic care. Now I can move freely and the numbness has decreased. When I over-work my back, it’s time to see Dr. Speigle again and get straightened out! The doctor and staff are great and I have less pain!"

- Linda C.

Headaches - Back Pain

"I came into the office because I was getting horrible headaches, and recently, my back quit working! So far my back has really improved. I no longer get that locked up feeling as if I were wearing a cage-like contraption! I really appreciate the time that the Doc spends explaining things thoroughly. I am new to chiropractic care and was very skeptical of the whole thing. Dr. Speigle genuinely cares about my concerns and has helped put me at ease as well as given me patience for the process."

- L.G.

Neck Pain - Back Pain

"I came to the office because of a severe neck ache, which made me unable to turn my head. I experienced the neck ache for months, but it got progressively worse. I also suffered from discomfort in my lower back. After a few months, the neck ache is almost non-existent, and I can move my neck freely. And the lower back pain is completely gone! I am grateful that the staff has been able to accommodate my crazy schedule. Everyone is always very pleasant!"

- Guthrie Y.

Pregnancy - Tired & Nauseous

"I started seeing Dr. Jamey when I was 2 Months Pregnant. I was constantly nauseous & tired! I had no idea how amazingly beneficial chiropractic care is for pregnancy. Dr. Jamey explained exactly how the adjustment would help me and my baby. During the car ride home after each adjustment, I felt less nauseous! AND had more energy! Now in my third trimester, Dr. Jamey has helped relieve pressure from my hips and back. And I’ve learned that being in proper alignment can help make labor easier!!! I am hopeful that keeping my body in the best condition for me and my baby will help me through delivery. And then we can’t wait to bring our daughter to see Dr. Jamey to keep her healthy & strong!"

- Hess M.

Leg & Hip Pain

"I was experiencing severe leg and hip pain for over 6 months! I couldn’t walk or sit in a position for too long, and I couldn’t sleep! I had an MRI done, and they told me everything was “fine”, but the pain was only getting worse! That’s when my mom recommended me to Dr. Jamey. After just one week, I felt a difference! I have been seeing Dr. Jamey for 3 months, and I can walk longer & easier and sleep a full night without waking up in pain. Everyone in the office is kind, and it’s always a pleasant experience!"

- Huffman S.

Leg & Hip Pain - Low Back Pain

"After trying everything, I came to Dr. Jamey with leg/hip pain and low back pain. I couldn’t work or do daily activities, and my medical doctors basically said that my X-rays indicated no reason for pain. I was frustrated and felt hopeless! And that’s where Dr. Jamey comes in. After just the first adjustment, I felt a difference. Now 2-3 months later, I can work an 8 hour day, 5 days a week! I experience fewer headaches and have a much more positive outlook. I am most pleased by the results I have achieved and the pleasant doctor/patient relationship!"

- Pat S.

Chronic Neck Pain

"I was suffering with chronic neck pain for months, and over the counter medications weren’t doing anything. When I met Dr. Jamey at the Vitamin Shop, I decided to give chiropractic a chance. After two weeks, there was an improvement. And still months later my neck and back have continued to improve! AND I haven’t had a headache! The office is always a friendly environment; there is no waiting, and most importantly, I am pleased by how quickly my symptoms improved. Now I tell friends and family how chiropractic and Dr. Jamey has helped me!"

- Jean T.


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